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An intensive business coaching experience designed to help you execute a results-driven, money-making social media marketing strategy that will enable you to bring in new clients on command.

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"I landed a $26,000 Contract!"

"It worked! I sent the email last night and right away Jay turned over the meeting to me because I'm the expert. He just sat back and listened. An approval was made for a lump sum contract of $25,900 to start! Thank you for your help Vanessa!"

- Shauna Urlacher, Expert Grant Writer

"I made 8k in one month!"

"I made $8k in one month by working with Vanessa and in the month of December, when no one wants to join a gym. She's an absolute genius when it comes to marketing online and will push you to do better. My investment paid off...BIG TIME!"

- Constance Contursi, Owner Hit It Fitness

"My Women thriving Fearlessly Expo Sold Out !"

"The best way that I can describe Vanessa's programs is straight up badass! My social media engagement is off the charts, my followers have grown by the hundreds and I actually enjoy social media now. You will too once you start making $$ online! She's unbelievable."

- Erika Gilchrist, Author, Speaker and Event Producer